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The Outdoors Way of life

Passionate About The Outdoors

Paul and Mike Stein grew up loving the outdoors. Raised in Georgia, they learned to camp, fish, hike and play tennis from their father. Their grandfather taught them golf and Paul learned to love gardening from their mother. 

Mike is an avid fly fisherman who guides fishing trips whenever he gets the chance. Married to a true outdoors lover and master gardener, Jenny, they have one son, two dogs and live in Colorado. 

Paul loves nothing more than to walk down to his dock and throw in a line hoping to catch a Snook but is just as happy to sit down with a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee he roasted himself and watch the manatees. Married to a native Floridian, Diane, they have a beautiful daughter, three dogs and live in Florida. 


Paul and Mike Stein, Co-Founders

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