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3 Must Have Items for Winter Camping

When camping during the winter a lot of the gear you need is no different than for any other season. No matter the time of year you need gear to navigate, sun protection, lights, a first-aid kit, etc. However to really enjoy camping during the winter months there are three must have items.

Photo by Rohan Makhecha on Unsplash

A Good Nights Sleep

When camping in the cold you need the right sleeping bag and pad. Sleeping bags come with assigned temperature ratings and when picking one out it is best to choose one that is rated for a little bit lower temperatures than what is predicted during your trip. Just as important is a high quality-sleeping pad to insulate you between your body and the ground. It is also wise to factor in extra layers when deciding how roomy a sleeping bag to purchase.

Better than an Igloo

A good tent that can stand up to winter weather is vital. The biggest difference between a winter tent and a summer tent is ventilation – winter tents have less. Choosing the right winter tent can be difficult with so many great options out there.

Keeping Warm

Nothing ruins camping or during cold weather faster than well the cold. Staying warm is vital. In addition to having the right clothing and footwear a top notch hand warmer is a must have.

Brining along an electric hand warmer that does double duty as a flashlight will keep you toasty and ensure you aren’t left in the dark.

The Outdoors Way Electric Hand Warmer

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