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3 Outdoor Resolutions for 2019

Ahhhhh…. We just love the fresh smell of a new year and all the possibilities that it brings and just like everyone else we make resolutions. This year we resolve to:

1. Try a new outdoor activity.

We all have the activities we like and do on a regular basis but at the start of a new year when anything seems impossible, including shedding all of the holiday weight gained, choosing something new to try is not only fun but is a resolution we know we can keep.

So whether it is snow boarding or kayaking, cycling or hiking, pick something you’ve never tried and give it a go.

Photo by Christoph Deinet on Unsplash

2. Explore State and National Parks.

This is hands down our favorite resolution. No matter where you live there are parks to explore and some of them are real gems that deserve multiple repeat visits. Take the time to find out what parks are near you and plan out a series of visits to explore those you’ve never visited.

A great place to find the state parks in your area can be found on the State Parks website.

For National Parks just visit this website - National Park Foundation.

Photo by Jenna Brummond on Unsplash

3. Make the outdoors part of everyday life.

While this one seems simple it is amazing how much time we all spend inside. In fact the Environmental Protection Agency reports that the average American spends 93% of their life indoors! Yikes!

If you have a dog then adding outside time is easy, just walk an extra block, throw the ball 5 more times than the day before or simply run around the yard for 10 minutes.

If you don’t have a pet, get one… Seriously, studies show that people with dogs live longer healthier lives.

However, if a pet is just not part of your lifestyle or you are a big city dweller you can increase your outdoor time by simply changing your commute to work to incorporate a little extra time walking outside.

Photo by James Barker on Unsplash

Happy New Year everyone from all of us at The Outdoors Way!

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