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User Manuals

Portable Power Bank and Hand Warmer from The Outdoors Way 


User Manual 


Technical Details 


Cell Type: I-ion 

Capacity: 7800 mAh 

Dimension: 64 x 26 x 88 mm 

Weight: 199g 

Input: 5V 1A 

Output 5V 1.5A 

Storage/Operating Temperature: -4F-122F (-20C-50C) 

Hand Warmer Temperature: 

High Temperature (7-8 Hours): 113F-120F (45C-49C) 

Low Temperature (9-10 Hours): 104F-113F (40C-45C) 

Cycle Life: Over 500 cycles 

LED Flashlight: 0.5W 




On/Off: See below to turn ON specific Mode. OFF: PRESS and HOLD for 3 seconds. 


CHARGE: The Blue Lights indicate the charge level. Three Blue Lights indicate max charge. To charge a device: single click power button and simple plug in device to USB port. 


Low Heat: Press and HOLD the power button for 3 seconds. The Red Indicator light will flash slowly. 

High Heat: Start at Low heat. Just CLICK the power button (do NOT Hold). Red light will flash quickly. 


NOTE: Just press and hold from either high heat or low heat to turn unit off. 


Flashlight: From any mode just DOUBLE CLICK the power button to turn on and Double Click to turn off.

SOS Light: Triple click for on/off 



USB Cable 

Owner’s Manual 

Power Bank/Hand Warmer Unit 


Caution/Attention (very important – please read): 

Before use, carefully read this manual. Use this product correctly. You can prevent you and others from harm and injury. Additionally, you will maximize the performance and life of the hand warmer. Please follow ALL of the following instructions: 

1. Please do NOT expose to fire or high temperature or other heat sources. 

2. Please keep hand warmer away from water and other liquids. 

3. Children should be supervised using this product to ensure safe and proper use. 

4. Store hand warmer in a cool and dry place. 

5. Hand Warmer should be charged once every three months to maintain performance. 

6. ONLY use handwarmer for your hands - it is not designed as a body warmer.

7. If, for any reason, discontinue use if experiencing any sort of discomfort.

8. Do not use while sleeping. 

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